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Do you really know your periods?

It’s amazing how little most women know about their periods, despite it being a monthly affair. Just imagine, on an average, a woman spends seven years of her life menstruating. That's surely a big chunk of her life!

It all begins with what we call – menarche or the onset of menstruation, usually between ages 9 and 12 for healthy girls. A regular monthly period is actually like a gold star of good health for women. It's nature's way of giving a high-five to your reproductive system, saying, "You go, girl!"

One of the most fascinating facts about a woman’s body is that all women are born with all the eggs they'll ever have. Yes, a woman doesn’t produce any eggs during her lifetime but is born with millions of tiny human potentials. These tiny potential humans, called oocytes, hang out in the ovaries, nestled in cozy follicles.  

So right at birth, it's like a mega egg stock, with around 4 million eggs in the inventory. But as life goes on, the numbers start dwindling, dropping to a more modest 1 to 2 million by puberty. Every month a woman looses about 10,000 eggs and by the time she reaches puberty, she’s left with 300,000 to 400,000 eggs. It's a staggering revelation, isn't it?

The menstrual cycle is like a perfectly orchestrated symphony within a woman's reproductive system, playing out every month. The star of the show? Ovulation! This is when an egg leaves the ovaries and takes a stroll down the fallopian tube, hoping to find a sperm.

If Cupid's arrow hits its mark and the egg does find a sperm and gets fertilized, it sets up shop in the uterine lining, ready to start its journey to becoming a human life. If not, it's like a breakup, and the uterine lining decides to make a dramatic exit, leading to menstrual blood!

What we need to understand here is that this whole menstrual cycle isn't just a one-week wonder. It's a month-long extravaganza! Think of it like a four-act play:

Act 1: The Menstrual Phase, where the uterus decides to clean house and throws a party with some light bleeding.

Act 2: The Follicular Phase, where the ovaries start prepping the next egg and the uterine lining fluffs up like a cozy pillow.

Act 3: Ovulation, the superstar moment where an egg takes center stage, ready for its close-up.

Act 4: The Luteal Phase, where the body preps for potential baby-making, but if it doesn't happen, it's like, "Okay, let's try this again next month!"

And let's not forget the bookends of this whole cycle: puberty, when the fun begins around age 13, and menopause, when the curtain closes around age 52. It's like a rollercoaster ride of hormones and surprises, but hey, that's what makes being a woman so wonderfully unique!


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