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Our recent activity in the field of Menstrual Hygiene Management is going on in the Daryapur Village of Jhajjhar District, Haryana.  The project titles, “Sustainable Health Enterprise” which is being supported by ‘Hitachi India Private Limited’. The central aim of the project is, ‘Awareness to action”. Meaning assessment of existing knowledge of menstrual hygiene among women and girls and finding the gap and do the needful. Based on the research the gaps were found and various awareness activities has been started with women and girls. Sanitary napkin manufacturing unit has been set up for creating employment opportunity for women and empower them. This also makes accessibility of sanitary napkin easy for girls and women not only in Daryapur but also in nearby eight villages. Self Help Group formation in the nearby villages for marketing of manufactured sanitary napkin will definitely help in making women financially independent and empowered eventually. Women and girls have welcomed it whole heartedly, hoping to get the expected results by the end of the project.

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